The best dog fence kit in the world.

Don’t shock your dog. Get a REAL dog fence kit and make your dog happy.

Pet Playgrounds makes the best dog fence kit in the world.

 They offer DIY dog fence kits and optional professional installation services nationwide. They ship to the United States & Canada and their dog fence kits work incredibly well in snow and extreme cold (or hot) weather. The materials in their dog fence kit will last up to 15 years with virtually no maintenance.

Design & Engineering

Pet Playgrounds engineered the first prototypes in 2008 and tested the designs on every dog breed that they could. They installed it on all types of different yards and properties until it was perfected. The dog fence was engineered to prevent dogs from digging under the fence, chewing through the fence, and climbing over the fence and escaping.

Customize your Kit Online

Pet Playgrounds has created a one-of-a kind online shop where a customers can easily choose their length, their post corner kits, the number (and width) of their gates, and even choose a MAX (super strength) option for some breeds.


Pet Playgrounds believes that every dog deserves the very best life that you can give it. That is why their dog fence kits have been tested and approved by top veterinarians and certified dog trainers. Shocking your dog with an invisible underground dog fence system is not the way dogs should be treated. Besides, invisible dog fence kits fail about 30% of the time.

  • Do you really want to shock your dog?


    Get a real physical dog fence kit, and make your dog smile.

    Order your kit today and receive it in 10 days or less.


Pet Playgrounds uses a premium steel welded wire AND polypropylene mesh to create a 2,800 pound break strength fence. This is more than DOUBLE the break strength of the highest quality chain link fence you can buy.

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How do you get started?

The first step is to measure for your dog fence kit. It’s easy. Just walk normally around the area that you want to enclose and count your steps. Now, multiply that number by 2.5 and that is the length that you need to order.

Their dog fence kit just works.

Perfect dog fence kit for diggers

Many dogs dig because it is a natural instinct. That is why Pet Playgrounds designed a dig guard that makes it virtually impossible for a dog to dig under the fence. The 1800+ pound break strength rubber coated welded wire is flared in (towards you) and is secured with ground stakes. This prevents dogs from digging under the fence, and also helps stop predators digging on the other side too.

And yes – you can mow right over it. We’re asked that question quite a bit. The stakes go below your grass level so you can mow your grass without a problem.

A nearly invisible dog fence kit

As you can see here, Pet Playgrounds has designed their fence like a window screen. When you look at it close-up you can see the mesh material, but when you step back just 10 to 15 feet away you can barely even see the fence. If you have trees on your property you can use them as post replacements. Not only will this make the installation go easier, but the Pet Playgrounds dog fence kit will blend in with your natural surroundings seamlessly.

Customers love it.

  • “Best fence ever!! Kali and Kobi love love the fence. Amazing service, under our budget and was done within two weeks of when we asked for a quote Their customer service was through the roof and we got exactly what we wanted.”

    - Brie Olender

  • “Apollo loves his “pet playground!” He’s safe, gets exercise and enjoys his yard. I’m not worried about his escaping or other dogs or animals threatening his wellbeing.”

    - Lisa Kuller

  • “Our fence is finally finished! The dogs are very happy. We have challenging terrain and rock ground. About 1000 feet of fencing in a very odd shape ;)”

    - Etha Behrmann

How long does shipping take?

US Customers receive their dog fence kits from Pet Playgrounds in 10 business days or less! Canadian customers will receive their dog fence kits 21-30 days.

How much does it cost to install?

Professional installers charge $6 per linear foot and $175 per gate. So, if you are trying to get a ballpark figure of what the fence would cost to install it is the cost of materials (which start at $8 per linear feet), and the cost of installation. You’re looking at $14 per linear foot for a 5 foot tall kit installed. In contrast, five foot chain link fences cost $18 per linear foot to install. Not only is Pet Playgrounds more effective, it’s also cheaper.

Do they have gates?

Pet Playgrounds has gates from 5 feet wide to 14 feet wide. Gates are completely optional and are easy to install.

How do I mow my lawn with the dig guard?

There is no change needed to mow your lawn with the Pet Playgrounds dog fence kit. Once you install the ground stakes into the dig guard, the guard becomes flush with the ground. You can mow your lawn, and weed whack just like you did before with no issues.

Still have questions? Call Pet Playgrounds at 1-800-985-9202